Introducing WayWell

Experience Community in a Whole New Way

From gatherings to group excursions, Côta Vera life gets next-level neighborly.

Engagement. Inspiration. Fun.

What’s a surefire way to make your life richer and more meaningful? According to decades upon decades of research, it’s sharing a sense of community. Being engaged with your neighbors, having people to take walks with, relationships to fall back on.
Building those relationships takes time (and who has time?!).
Available to all Côta Vera residents, WayWell is here to help. It’s a slate of activities, designed around your input and interests, bringing together Côta Vera residents of all ages.

Food & Drink

Find friends around the table. Think BBQs, cocktail classes, and tours exploring the local taco terrain.

Travel & Exploration

Oh, the places we’ll go! Bond with new buddies while getting to know the hidden gems all around the neighborhood.

Art & Culture

Meet your fellow makers for everything from community art unveilings to kids’ crafts. Plus, inclusive holiday celebrations honoring the whole cultural calendar.

Nature & Recreation

Get social in serene outdoor settings from the beach to Otay Lakes. Find a park pal to play with in Côta Vera’s own green scene.

Mind & Body Wellness

Group motivation! Wellness for everybody, whether you’re marathon training or downward dogging on the lawn. 


Organized donations and volunteering opportunities bring people together for a common cause. Be rewarded while giving back.

How It Works

Be a WayFinder at Côta Vera! 

If you’re a resident of Côta Vera, you’re already a part of WayWell (BTW, what a great reason to move here!). Event invites and details are sent via the Côta Vera app and the WayWell email list.  And there are zero additional costs for events, no matter how many you attend. Just RSVP through the app, or by emailing, or by texting Angelica at 760-710-9211.

We plan activities and events with you and your interests in mind.

Open and free to all Côta Vera Residents

Talk about a sweet neighborhood benefit.

Engage and connect with your neighbors

Your new ride-or-die is out there.

Events for everybody and every body

WayWell is all about inclusive programming.

Find, Reserve, Participate—all on the Côta Vera app.

Download now and get access to the WayWell calendar and new event information, including real-time notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is all this programming really free?

Yup. WayWell is a benefit of your Côta Vera HOA membership. Attending events costs you zero extra dollars.

How do I know what is coming up?

The best way is to download the Côta Vera app, where the events calendar is updated in real time and you can sign up for push notifications.

Do I have to RSVP or can I just show up?

For planning purposes, we ask that you RSVP, and some events have limited space. You can do so through the app, by emailing, or by calling Angelica at 760-710-9211.

Can I bring a friend to these community events?

In general, no, WayWell is for residents only. But we may host an event each year geared toward bragging to your friends about all the fun you’re having, in which case you could bring a friend or two. Stay tuned on that.

How often is there community programming in Côta Vera?

We’re aiming for once a month.

Can I suggest certain community programming?

Absolutely! You can email us at

We’d Love to Hear from You


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